After over 20 years of the best music & lighting shows out of the Champlain Valley & Northern NY, DJ "C" Monster retired from full time entertainment to spend his new Social Security income on his favorite hobby.

   "C" Monster says he's willing to bring the regular Thursday Night Sassy Karaoke Show back to Downtown Plattsburgh as long as he can leave all the equipment & lighting set up at the venue and that owners and staff are all on the same page.

   At this time Sassy Music is holding off doing any large events as the truck holds a lot of equipment and is a lot to move in and out with setups & tare downs.

   Any venue owners are encouraged to contact the DJ thru the "Contact page"


   New Website: The Sassy Music website is nolonger hosted at the old servers. Due to cost throughout retirement we've decided to move to free hosting here at Let us know what you think ?